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Mens Cream Jute 2 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Trimmed
Item Code : JO463
Mens Beige 2 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Partywear
Item Code : JO462
Mens Black Velvet 3 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Wedding
Item Code : JO461
Mens Crimson Red 3 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Designer
Item Code : JO460
Mens Sky Blue 3 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Angrakha Look
Item Code : JO444
Mens Blue Linen 2 Pc Jodhpuri Suit Angrakha Pattern
Item Code : JO453

Jodhpuri suit

Indian Wedding Outfit

Reason no 1
Jodhpuri suit when worn gives a regal look. It gives feeling and custom fit, suitable for royalty. So making it eligible as Prince suit.

Reason no 2
Man wearing Jodhpuri suit gives a power statement and gets noticed. So making it eligible as minister suit.This eligibility requires that it should be plain one.So for this it is sold or custom made under name Nehru suit.

Reason no 3
Its jacket has famous Nehru/Mandarin collar. So when fine hand or machine embroidery,zardosi treatment is applied on, it looks more elegant.With western style trouser at bottom it is becoming the best wedding suit for groom's across the world. This you can verify by seeing adjacent pictures.

In this way it is best suited for occasions like weddings and formal gatherings. Now a days it has become an Ideal outfit for relatives and close friends of the bride and groom also eg. the best man

Cut and style of Jodhpuri suit:
The style of Jodhpuri suit has been copied everywhere but the actual cut which is obtained from the body measurement of oneself is possible at Jodhpur only which is the place of its invention.

For this we are providing measurement chart which should be filled properly while giving order. For those men that want an outfit that combines an eastern influence with a western look, the Jodhpuri is the ideal option and will make you look incredibly elegant and stylish.

No accessories are required with Jodhpuri suit
To achieve the desired look in a tuxedo you require accessories. Hence total cost of wedding attire goes high. But in Jodhpuri suit no accessories like  cummerbunds, ties/ascots/scarves, gloves,flowers, handkerchiefs and jewelry (cufflinks, studs, etc.) are required.

If you are adamant that there should be some accessory with Jodhpuri suit  than you can wear a necklace or turban , that's it.

What to wear with  Jodhpuri suit ?
Nehru shirt.You can purchase it from here

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I like the breeches very much. They fit well and were exactly what I was looking for,

thank you.

Tim Miller , Wisconsin , USA