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Frequently Asked Questions 

Note: This FAQ is provided to assist you in your shopping experience and we truly hope and believe that it will indeed be a wonderful one. However, no FAQ is ever perfect. So, if you still have a question, be sure to contact us!

Q.1.What does custom made  mean?

To buy a “custom made” suit is to buy a suit that has been cut from a piece of cloth to measurements that we have made by analysing your body shape. We are not customizing a pre-made suit. Furthermore, the tailor has used his skill, experience and expertise to imagine the suit on you whilst he makes his notes. This enables him to adjust any measurements accordingly . Indeed, the cut, style, color, number of buttons etc are all chosen by you. The suit is therefore made to your exact specifications, and is completely unique to you. We are all individuals, after all… why should not our clothes be individual too?

Q.2.Why go for custom made or custom  tailored suit?

There is nothing like the feel and look of a custom made suit. Our body shapes vary considerably, and with such limited choice given to us by the shops the chances of finding a suit that fits properly are extremely slim, even for a normal-shaped person (whatever that might mean).

For example, an off the peg  jacket (a jacket from a shop) will come in just 2 options of size: the chest size (e.g. 38 inch) and the overall size (e.g.. short, regular or long). At  Paridhan we take 15 measurements: as well as the chest we measure the arms, stomach, neck, shoulders, front length and a unique fitting measurement that ensures that the jacket is neatly fitted to flatter your body. Furthermore, off the peg jackets increase in size 2 inches at a time (38,40,42 etc). That is an enormous 5 centimeters between each size. A Paridhan suit, however, is measured in centimeters in order to improve the accuracy of our readings.

A beautifully fitting suit speaks volumes about you; and with prices ranging from 230US$ - 350US$, what reason is there not  to go bespoke or custom made.

Q.3.I am a bit hesitant to order custom cloths online, will fit me?

If you are visiting for the first time, either take your own measurements or send us your best fitting garment. You may start your first order by sending us your favorite suit; we will send it back to you with your first order with no extra charge for shipping. If you do take your own measurements, follow the measuring instructions on our web site closely. We have a better than 90% chance of fitting you on your first order. Also once we have received your order, we will validate your measurements for any obvious errors. If any of your measurement do not look right, we will e-mail you right away and request that you double check them

Q.4.What payment method do you use?

Go to our page read  Online through credit card .

Q.5.Which shirt go with Nehru suit or Jodhpuri suit ?

Nehru shirt .You can purchase it at

Q.6.What payment method should I use if I have no credit card?

If you do not have credit card or paypal account then you can send money through your bank in our bank account via wire transfer by giving below details to your bank 
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 201000551046
AMOUNT TO SEND : XXXX USmce_markernbsp;
PAY USD BY WIRE TRANSFER If you do not have credit card or paypal account then you can send money through your bank in our bank account via wire transfer by giving below details to your bank 
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 201000551046IFSC CODE: INDB0000026
BANK CODE: 0026AMOUNT TO SEND : XXXX USmce_markernbsp;


If you use this method of payment then you have to pay 35 US$ extra as this much amount is deducted from our account by the bank here at the time of transferring that amount to our account.

Q.7.If I want to send payment by IMO?

This is very costly method but otherwise in that case add 35 US$ more in the total amount of the bill to be paid as this much amount is deducted from our account by the bank here at the time of transferring that amount to our account and also it takes lot of time nearly 1 month from postage date to come in our account.

Q.8.What fabric you are using for Nehru suit?

Well we use terry wool  fabric made of 35% merino wool and 65% polyester .  If you want in some other let us know we will quote you its price.

Q.9.What fabric are you using for Jodhpuri suit and Sherwani?

Well we use terry wool  fabric made of 25% merino wool and 75% polyester . If you want in some other let us know we will quote you its price.

Q.10.What is your delivery time?

Regarding shipment time we can send you in 11days from the receipt of payment in our account otherwise in normal way it takes 21 days to reach at your doorsteps. Charges for shipment will vary. 

Q.11.What are the color choices for the embroidery if the suit color I want is different from catalogue suit?

Matching color embroidery thread will be used that will enhance the look of the suit in the same embroidery design you selected. If your color is one of the suit color of our catalogue then see what color combination of embroidery thread we have used for that color suit it will give you some more idea. 

Q.12.What to do if I am finding difficulty in measuring myself?

Take a print out of the measurement procedure and take it to a local tailor and then send to us after filling it online.

Q.13.How do I track my package online?

When your clothes are ready to be send out, we will send a shipping confirmation e-mail to inform you the tracking no.

Q.14.Can I get my clothing quicker than 21 days? 

Yes we can do this with no extra charge but for this you have to specify while ordering. This you can do  either by sending  email to us or writing in special section of order form that you need the order sooner. We can deliver you fastest  within 11 to 14 days any custom made item on our website at your doorsteps.


Q.15.What currency are your prices in?

All our prices are in US $.  If you would like to convert the currency from USD to another currency here is a link to a site that allows you to convert the prices easily. 


Q.16.My credit card was declined and I know there is enough money in the account.

This happens occasionally and does not reflect your credit status. It is sometimes a problem with a bank which has safety restrictions in place regarding foreign online transactions. In our experience, the owner of the card is not aware of these until it happens. I would check that out with my bank if I were you. A phone call usually fixes it

Q.17. How secured is your online system to cope with online thieves stealing my credit card details?

If you pay online using your credit card ,credit details will be processed by CCAVENUE,one of the leaders in e-commerce transactions technology. They are verisign certified site and use secure socket layer(SSL) technology. Your card details are never accessible by anyone as they are handled by the systems.

Safe & Secure Ordering
Protecting your personal information is very important to us. In our shopping checkout process, we use a Secure Socket Layering (SSL), the industry-standard encryption technology that ensures the safety and security of your online order. When the letters http in the url change to https,  the s indicates you are in a secure area employing SSL; your browser may also give you a pop-up message that you are about to enter a secure area. In addition, you can identify the secure mode if you see either a solid key icon or a locked padlock icon at the lower portion of your browser window.

Security information from CCAVENUE:
Our shopping-cart software runs in Secure Mode on the customers browser, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card numbers. While selecting products and adding them to the Shopping Cart, the customer is in Non-Secure Mode. After he/she presses the Checkout button, we switch to Secure Mode in order to collect the billing and shipping information. All modern Web browsers support the SSL standard, but the customer can choose to checkout using Non-Secure Mode if necessary.
To know more about CCNOW please visit their website